Sidharth Garg

Profile Picture I'm an entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. I started a company called Teller that helps banks in Africa integrate financial services into messaging apps. In my free time, I love watching basketball, reading super long articles, and running around Town Lake. I usually just go by Sid.


Finance 150 (an open-source, multi-language dictionary of 150 core financial termsProbably the work I am most proud of)

Facebook Payer Protection (comprehensive user-facing site explaining privacy and security measures in place for transactions on FacebookIn a past life, I worked on the payments team at Facebook.)

Budget Builder (simple budget tracking template for Google Sheets)

Moreyball 101 (simple definitions of NBA advanced stats with real-time dataNamed after one of my favorite people, Daryl Morey (GM of the Houston Rockets).)

Longform Reader (iOS app I developed recently to read articles from

Ergonomics App (iOS app I developed in 2012 to remind myself to take stretch breaks)

Raspberry Records (I connected my record player to the internet using a Raspberry Pi)


Some articles I have written, mainly about financial inclusion, startups, and technology

Why Banking Matters (2016)

Leveraging Chatbots to Drive Financial Inclusion (2017)

What Banks Can Learn About Customer Experience From Other Industries (2017)

Why I Moved My Fintech Startup to AfricaIf you are going to read one article, read this one. It provides background into the early days of Teller, and offers some insight into how I decided to focus on the African market. (2018)

Why ‘Chat Banking’ is the Future of Financial Services (2018)

A few more

My Twitter accountI don't tweet much, unless you count complaining about Houston sports teams.

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